Sydney City Scooter Club

March 2000


Welcome to the third newsletter of the year. This is slightly early so that you all know that the Kangaroo Valley run has been postponed till the 11th of March. There is a lot to get through, so on with the newsletter...

Last month...

SCSC Website ( is still going strong.

Tassie 2000 went down really well. Four members of the SCSC did the 1800Km return trek to Melbourne and by all accounts had a thoroughly good time ripping around the Tasmanian countryside. We recommend this tour to everyone and remind you that you now have only two short years to get your scooters ready for Tassie 2002 - no excuses this time!!!

Moonlight Cinema another poor turnout for this, one more than for the Ku-ring-gai National Park Day Ride, meaning three people (at least we are improving). Even though numbers were down, it was still a good night and there was plenty of space to picnic (unlike last year's event, which had us up against the back fence).


This month...

Next meeting Wednesday 1st there has been no ride planned. For those of you that are keen for a ride, we will organize something with you for the next meeting.

Kangaroo Valley Saturday 11th. This will be about a 180Km drive through some awesome countryside with an overnight stay in Nowra. We have tracked down the perfect place to stay but couldn't get bookings till this weekend (hence the date change). This should be a big run, if you want to go RING US NOW ON 9516 4135 AND BOOK. We will be organizing a BBQ, so we'll need $5 off you all beforehand. Rooms work out between $20 and $22.50 per person. We will be leaving from the Duke at 12PM.

Next month...

THE EASTER NATIONAL SCOOTER RUN!!!!! The SCSC is organizing the next National in Sydney. This is a major event to organize so there won't be much else happening apart from this - anyone that wants to help please raise your hand at the next meeting.

Happy Scooting - Sydney City Scooter Club