August Mini Update

All, A quick note:

There wasn't many at the meeting on Wednesday. We did come up with a plan for a ride early September. I have since got a reminder about the following:

*Ride with the Rockers*

Sunday September 9th
10:00 AM, Meet Eca Bar 128 Darlinghurst Road, Darlinghurst
11:00 AM, Ride up the old road for lunch at the Fishermans Arms, Brooklyn
4:00 PM, Rockers Day Gig @ Empire Hotel, Annandale (cnr Paramatta + Johnston)
This is a ride with the Ton Up Boys M/C and a really good run, so I hope you all keep that day free. Anyone in the Newtown area, we'll be heading off from the Duke at 9:30 to go to the Eca Bar.


We need to make sure that we have enough t-shirts to get an order together.  Long sleeve t-shirts will be $25 for members and $30 for non-members. If you want a t-shirt (or 3) please email me the numbers. As soon as we have enough we'll know when we can place the order.

*SCSC Rides*

We looked at a Day Ride to the catchment area. We'll postpone this to a later date. I'll type a few descriptions from the Sydney Weekend list of top Sunday drives, an we'll have list to choose from.  Also it was suggested the Brooklyn Pub for a overnighter. We'll check this out when we are up there with the Ton-Ups



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P.S. I have been told that I will be getting my insurance money :) there is still paperwork to go though :(