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Sydney City Scooter Club

Welcome to the the SCSC Homepage.

The SCSC's aim is to promote scootering in any shape and form. Whether you're a hard core live-to-ride type or a sunny weekender. The SCSC was formed as a way to get new people interested in scootering and have more organisation for the people that were already into the scene.

The SCSC has been going for around 5 years and has around 50 members. With between 3 and 30 people turning up to our meetings every month. Members have scooters ranging from old classic Lambretta's and Vespa's to the new Italjet's. The members themselves range from people that have been into scooters for a few decades to people that have been in it only a few months.

With different rides and events designed to last from hours to days, we trust the SCSC will meet your scootering needs whatever they may be.

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