Easter National - Sydney 2000

The Sydney City Scooter Club is proud to host this year’s Easter National Scooter Run. This year we have decided to do something different from the standing-around-a-campsite norm. Over the Easter break we will take in the delights of Newtown Thai cuisine, dance ourselves silly to the soul sounds of DJ’s Maria and Alex, tour the Blue Mountains, relax with a beer and scooter videos, and of course, discover the sights of Sydney, scooter-style.


Good Friday, 21 April - Banquette at the Bank

8:00 pm - Sumalee Thai, Garden bar at the Bank, 324 King Street, near the Newtown Station The Easter National kicks off with a Banquette in the Bank hotel beer garden, Newtown. Expect to pay around $25 for one of the best Thai meals around. Not only is it a great restaurant but also is one of the few places open and serving drinks on Good Friday.


Easter Saturday, 22 April - Blue Mountains / Soul night

12:00 pm - The Scooter Centre, Shop 5, 144 - 146 Cathedral Street, Woolloomooloo Saturday we leave from The Scooter Centre and ride to the Blue Mountains. Gearins hotel, 273 Great Western Hwy Katoomba, will be the destination and venue for the Soul Night. Accommodation is $15 - $25 a night per person and will be required for two nights. We’ll be taking the scenic route, stopping for lunch on the way and taking it easy so we have lots of energy when we get there. We’ll have our own private bar with dance floor ... bring it on!


Easter Sunday, 23 April - Blue Mountains / Presentation night

Still in the Blue Mountains, plenty of time will be given to recover from the night before, then there will be a ride out to all the tourist spots. Later in the evening it will be back to the pub for a more relaxed beer and video evening. We have arranged a video projector and scooter videos as a wind-down for all those still tender. This will also be the presentation night.


Easter Monday, 24 April - Sight’s of Sydney Mystery Ride

Back to Sydney and for those still keen for more in the afternoon we have arranged a Sight’s of Sydney Tour. The perfect opportunity to get some kodak moments as you tour the city and beaches in a scooter pack. Finishing off at the old favourite the Duke of Edinburgh, 148 Enmore Road, Enmore for one last beer before everyone has to head home.


For more information, full details will be maintained on the Sydney City Scooter Club web page www.internetscooter.com/scsc.html. Information and bookings can also be done via email scsc@internetscooter.com or ring Paul and Laura on 02 9516 4135.

The cost of the accommodation at Gearins hotel for the two nights will be between $30 (single person in a shared dorm) and $100 (couple in a double room) depending on the style of accommodation. Numbers need to be known so, RSVP, ASAP. We expect most people to stay with friends while in Sydney however we can recommend hotels/backpackers if you need help in finding a place to stay.