The Duke Hotel, Enmore

Club Meetings And Membership

1st Sunday of the Month, The Duke (of Edinburgh), 148 Enmore Rd, Enmore 2042

All scooterists and scooters are welcome (however as you would imagine we're mostly Vespas and Lambrettas). The meeting format is: 2:00PM ride, 2:30-3:00PM club stuff and then general socialising.

Membership is not compulsary but strongly encouraged.  Membership is $20 which includes a patch and a card that will give you a discount at the bar and at the scooter centre.

2002 Meeting Dates - 6th January, 3rd February, 3rd March, 7th April, 5th May, 2nd June, 7th July, 1st September, 6th October, 3rd November, 1st December.