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One paragraph resume – I’ve worked for 15 years in Telecom/Defence, Software/System Development in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Belgium. I believe the software development tools are the future, particularly visual modelling, and that is what I concentrate on.


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Masters of Science in Internetworking

This page contains “webpublished” models and other information referenced in my final Master’s thesis. Although I am an employee of Rational Software, the information and opinions contained here are wholly my own and are not those of Rational Software.



Developing Infrared Distributed Applications on the Windows CE 3.0 Platform Using Rational Rose RealTime

Paul McIntosh




Rational Rose RealTime (Rose RealTime) is a visual modelling software development application produced by Rational Software. Rose RealTime utilises Unified Modelling Language (UML) and real-time extensions to enable Software Engineers to design real-time embedded applications, generate code from the design, compile, debug and deploy, all from within the one tool.


The project undertaken was to extend Rose RealTime to enable development of distributed models which utilise infrared communications between Windows 2000 (PC) and Windows CE 3.0 (Pocket PC) targets. To achieve this, first Rose RealTime required configuration to target Windows CE 3.0 Pocket PC and then to “road test” that configuration in the development of an infrared application.


At the conclusion of this report it can be stated that Rose RealTime can successfully build an application for a Windows CE 3.0 ARM target. Rose RealTime can also provide all the development functionality given to other target processors, so the advantages Rose RealTime gives to those targets extends to the Windows CE 3.0 ARM. With the configuration described in this report a developer is able to design in UML Windows CE 3.0 real-time embedded applications, generate code from the design, compile, debug and deploy, all from within the one tool.


For infrared, Rose RealTime has been proven to allow development of infrared applications. Although, infrared applications can vary in physical needs (i.e. permanent connections or one off connections) component reuse is still possible with inheritance. Also, as different development projects are undertaken, a “library” of reusable infrared components will quickly form with components being reusable “as is”.


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